parkrun polygon

parkrun polygon

A little bit of parkrun motivational fun

parkrun polygon: A little bit of parkrun motivational fun

The aim of parkrun polygon is to motivate you to get outside and explore the ever growing world of parkrun, one run at a time.

Your personal parkrun polygon is a shape unique to you which links together all the parkruns you have attended in the UK (other regions may be included in future).

Your parkrun polygon score is a measure of how far and wide you have ventured on your parkrun adventure, and how many parkruns within your parkrun polygon that you have completed.

We also calculate a parkrun tourist score which is based on how many parkrun venues you have visited. A perfect tourist score would be one where you visit every parkrun venue once and only once. The opposite of the parkrun tourist score is the parkrun loyalty score - for those who don't want to travel you can build up your loyalty score by running at the same venues week in, week out. A perfect loyalty score would be one where you have completed all your parkruns at a single venue.

At any one time you can either have a tourist score or a loyalty score, but not both.