Concept2 Segment to GPX

Export a Strava Segment to GPX

Exporting a Strava Segment to a GPX file would appear to be quite a useful thing to do. Indeed it would be quite a popular thing to do because it is so useful.

However there is currently no way to export a Strava Segment to a GPX file directly on the Strava site. This is quite an omission on Strava's part. So I had to find away to get to that precious data.

After some meddling I've found a way to do it which has saved me HOURS of trying to copy segments into my own routes. And it is here for you too...

Submit your Segment ID here

All you need is the Strava Segment ID.

This is the long number at the end of the URL for the segment page.

E.g. for the Segment ID is 3229095.

Put that number into the box, click the button, the segment will be processed...

and a GPX file created for you to download. It's that simple!