Concept2 Strava courses

The Concept2 Strava courses

These are courses created from Strava segments that we plot your Concept2 sessions on.

If there is a segment that you would like to see here, please send us a link and we'll look into it.

Currently, the course closest to your Concept2 session distance is the one that is chosen automatically.

The list

The nominal distance is the one which the course attempts to cover e.g. a race distance.

The segment distance is the Strava segment distance, measured on the course using a GPS device.

The session distance is the maximum you can row before moving on to the next course.


e.g. if you want to row the Henley Royal Regatta course, it is 2112m long. The corresponding Strava segment is 2150m - so you will have to row at least this far to get a time. And your session must complete before 2255m otherwise your session will be applied to the next course.


We continue to improve the accuracy of all our courses. However sometimes there are variances due to deviation from the racing line when recordings are made, or the lat/lon sampling by a device may introduce rounding errors.

NameNominal (m)Segment (m)Session (m)
Worcester Regatta700700801
Leicester Regatta700700806
National Masters10009601068
Henley Masters10009901094
Monmouth Regatta150015001583
Evesham Junior Head190019001952
Bedford Head190019001986
Cambridge Railway to A14200020002009
Henley Royal Regatta211221122255
Cambridge Winter Head250025002639
York Small Head280028002890
Dart Head Winter Wide290029002961
Head of the Bridgewater300030003166
Burton Head (Old)350035003540
Bath Head350035003622
Stourport Head370037003819
Gloucester Spring Head400040004057
Hammersmith Head410041004205
Wallingford Head425042504337
UH Head Course460046204721
Head of the Charles Regatta470047004824
Quintin Head480048104906
Gloucester Autumn Head500050005046
Boston Head510051005198
Kingston Head520052005282
Head of Trent550055005591
Greenwich Head610061006240
University Boat Race677967797243
Great Ouse Marathon211002110021881
Boston Marathon492004920049952
Hereford Regatta10009401038999
London Bridges13500135001363499
Head of the Don400040004047999
Evesham Senior Head400040004129999
Camp to old rowing club420042004331999
Head of the Nene450045004607999
Pairs Head470047004805999
Ross Regatta7007007759999