The Boat Race course from Concept2 to Strava

Concept2 Rowing to Strava

C2-2-Strava automatically uploads your Concept2 rowing sessions to your Strava account.

Your Concept2 rowing sessions can be overlayed on real river courses, or simply uploaded and marked as 'indoor' so that the essential data from your session is captured.

NOTE: Your sessions are labelled as 'VirtualRide' in Strava. This is to comply with Strava T&Cs.

Strava does not yet have 'VirtualRow' as a workout type, so we have to use with this for now.

You can create a bike in 'My Gear' in Strava named 'Concept2 Rower' and we will add this to your session.

How C2-2-Strava works.

You row -> sync to Concept2 -> C2-2-Strava uploads to Strava.

Obviously we will need access to your Concept2 logs, and we also need to be able to access your Strava account to upload your rowing sessions.

This means that you have to grant us access to your accounts. This is done in a secure manner, we never get to see your passwords. The security is handled by Concept2 and Strava servers in the background.

Once the registration process is complete, all your future Concept2 sessions will be uploaded to Strava, and this is where the cool stuff happens.

We take your session stroke data and overlay it onto real world rivers and courses using the actual speeds and times you achieved in your rowing session.

If you aren't interested in the overlays and only want to log your session on Strava then you can do this by simply marking the session as 'indoor' on Strava.

Things to be aware of...

There may be small differences in the distance rowed (a few metres) when the session is uploaded to Strava. This is because each session is plotted along a course of latitude and longitude co-ordinates to create the 'track' for Strava to plot. Strava will process the hundreds of co-ordinate points and calculate the total distance.

In most cases this works perfectly. However sometimes rounding errors will occur between the co-ordinate points we create and the way Strava measures the distance between pairs of individual points. Looking at the data so far we are seeing descrepancies of a 0.5% or less where there is a difference. Apologies in advance for this.

Rowing with stroke data is the best option. Your stroke-by-stroke data is then overlayed on the maps and Strava segment times give a true reflection of the speed at which you covered that segment.

If you don't row with stroke data then your pace for the whole session is calculated by simply dividing the distance by the time taken, rather than on a stroke-by-stroke basis.

If you do two (or more) sessions of similar distance in a close time frame (e.g. 2 x 5k fixed distance sessions) then only the first of these sessions will be uploaded to Strava. What happens in this case is that Strava assumes the second session to be a duplicate and so it is rejected.

Examples of our courses.

N.B. The distance of your Concept2 session determines which course is used.

Henley Royal Regatta course from Concept2 to Strava

Henley Royal Regatta

The University Boat Race course from Concept2 to Strava

University Boat Race

The London Bridges from Concept2 to Strava

London Bridges

Lincoln to Boston on Concept2 to Strava

Lincoln to Boston Marathon

Rowing a marathon distance on Concept2

Ultra: How far!?!

Sessions over 49952m will be truncated and the Lincoln to Boston Marathon course applies.

Setting an indoor rowing session in Strava

Indoor Sessions

You can mark your sessions as 'indoor' in Strava to remove the lat/long information.